Volunteer Opportunities

It’s hard to imagine anything that “celebrates age” better than the stunning quantity of volunteering by older Americans.

We are now have a generation of well-educated seniors and baby boomers who have the benefit of better health and longer life expectancy and are looking for opportunities to use our skills as volunteers as they age. There is very good evidence that people who volunteer live longer and have fewer illnesses.

Purpose or meaning in life predicts greater satisfaction and quality of life.

BISC is looking for a few good men and women who want to share their time and talents.

We are always thrilled to expand our network of volunteers. Please call us at 206-842-1616 for more information on the following opportunities:

  • Teach a class
  • Join a BISC committee
    • Social
    • Membership
    • PR & Marketing
    • Fundraising
  • Serve as a receptionist
  • Help our floral garden grow
  • Apply to join our nonprofit Board of Directors
  • Join the Evergreen Singers
  • Be a Meals on Wheels server
  • Support our near-and-far travel program
  • Apply to join our nonprofit Board of Directors

Download the BISC Volunteer Application (PDF)

Email info@biseniorcenter.org